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    Pubblicazioni scientifiche: frutta a guscio - ottobre 2018

    Quelli che seguono sono i link alle più recenti pubblicazioni scientifiche nazionali ed internazionali sulla frutta a guscio aggiornate al mese di ottobre 2018.


    1. Glycaemic and insulinaemic impact of oats soaked overnight in milk vs. cream of rice with and without sugar, nuts, and seeds: a randomized, controlled trial
    2. Optimization of process variables for drying of cashew nuts by superheated steam
    3. Diagrammatic scale for powdery mildew severity evaluation in cashew nuts.
    4. Pickering stabilization of thymol through green emulsification using soluble fraction of almond gum–Whey protein isolate nano-complexes
    5. Shell hardness in almond: Cracking load and kernel percentage
    6. Effect of a single serving of pecan nuts on blood lipids and weight: a single blind randomised control trial
    7. Efficacy of nutritional interventions supplementing nuts on cardiovascular risk factors among adults individuals: A systematic review and meta-analysis of intervention …
    8. Effects of Storage Periods and Temperature on Mold Prevalence and Aflatoxin Contamination in Nuts
    9. Tendency of lipid radical formation and volatiles in lose or vacuum-packed Brazil nuts stored at room temperature or under refrigeration
    10. Capacitor discharge welding of nuts to steel sheets
    11. Nuts and Bolts of Protein Quantification by Online Trypsin Digestion Coupled LC-MS/MS Analysis
    12. Nuts and bolts of 4D-MRI for radiotherapy
    13. Investigation of heat and pressure treatments on 2 almond protein stability and immunoreactivity after 3 simulated human digestion 4
    14. Wild almond (Amygdalus pedunculata Pall.) as potential nutritional resource for the future: studies on its chemical composition and nutritional value
    15. Characterizing Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Injury in Almond, a New Host Crop in California

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